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I am currently seeking a full-time, entry-level position in Web Design/Developer, Database Developer, or an amalgamation of the two with a little Marketing thrown in the mix. Check out my Portfolio Section for details.

Who Am I?

Welcome to my corner of the web. I am primarily a PHP Developer, with a concentration in MySQL, HTML, CSS, and some Javascript. I also have experience working with marketing customer websites, creating landing pages for marketing promotions, and SEO. My interest in this field was sparked during an internship, while working on my undergraduate degree. Since then, I have been creating “self-sustaining,” profitable websites for a handful of years to earn extra income while I am looking for work.

Latest Posts


WordPress finally gets the security features a third of the Internet deserves

This has been a long time coming! https://www.zdnet.com/google-amp/article/wordpress-finally-gets-the-security-features-a-third-of-the-internet-deserves/... Read More →

Web Hosting Comparison: Best Website Hosting Services 2019

Tell me your thoughts on what you think is a good webhosting company. Tell me your experiences. As web developers,... Read More →

WordPress creator Matt Mullenweg’s distributed company is neither here nor there – it’s everywhere

I met Matt Mullenweg in Austin Texas during a WooCommerce convention in 2016. Awesome dude! He’s very down to Earth,... Read More →

WordPress Plugin Patched After Zero Day Discovered

If you are using the Social Warfare plugin for WordPress, you should read this! https://threatpost.com/wordpress-plugin-removed-after-zero-day-discovered/143051/... Read More →

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